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Official Game News

Our kin is currently looking forward
to bolster our ranks. We're a fairly new kin,just had a kinhouse purchased.We're made up of old and new players alike,with people from all walks of life across borders,with varying interests within the game.

Most of all,we're all generally friendly and would
be willing to extend a helping hand to any kinnies,whether help is requested or not. 


As of now,we are still growing,with a bunch of 65s and many more who are heading towards that direction steadily. Many of us do want to have full-fledged kin raids and end game content in mind. So,do not worry bout that aspect. Those who could join any instances would be willing to jump in at any chance for high adventure. But don't worry,you would not be forcefully dragged into any if you do not feel like it. 


Even if you may not be interested in those endeavours, fret not, for we have many players who craft. We even have some players who just want to do the right thing in retrieving spoiled pies to prevent hobbits from suffering diarrhoea. Or even answer the call of the fowl,trotting around Middle-Earth as a chicken. And yes,we do have some members into light RP,even those who don't do so join in the fun occasionally. Soloers are welcome as well. And, we are fiddling with the idea of forming our very own band as well one day!


At any time,we do have several people online no matter the time,wherever you are. A few officers themselves are night owls and you'll be seeing them round the clock. Why, our guild leader only sleeps for 4 hours a day. Those who are not logged in for more than 60 days would be kicked out. However, we do understand that many have real life time constraints. You'd only need to tell the leader or any officers bout it beforehand if you're planning to take a break from the game for more than 60 days.


As stated, we are a growing kin. We hope to recruit people who are like-minded,who are looking forward as much as us to build our kin, and to be able to feel proud of being a part of our kin. Whether you like raiding, chatting, soloing, random stuff, you'll have a place among us. Our kin is named after Telperion and Laurelin after all(2 trees). It may take time to grow, but our leader and officers truly believe that our kin will grow into something great. 


Well, the mandatory requirement for anybody to be in is:

------> Male dwarf or hobbit, Female elf or human

P.S. Friendliness would be a great,big plus.

Puzzled bout the gender and race limitations?Beats me.Papparazi from the Tuckborough Tattler(Shire's latest juicy gossip magazine) though have incriminating evidence that this is due to the kin leader's fetish,leave that up to your imagination. Leader denies this outright. Case is ongoing. (Leader is actually a really nice person) 


Well there you have it. Sorry for the wall of text. :/ So if you're looking for a do-everything,respectful,helpful kin who aren't really bothered bout drama and can make jokes of themselves and laugh it off, do consider us. Thank you for your time in reading this.

Contacts(in game): Bungpwee, Augustwing, Ardorieli, Saithilae, Daqarek, Iltar, Lunauilas, Kimraen, Arfindhil, Argrantha.
Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Footpump, Mar 28, 11 5:40 AM.
Well,our kin now has its own site. :) Everything feels so alien to me, so those who are more versed in this, do let me know.
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